What’s StickyPhilosopher About?

The StickyPhilospher is a casual platform to launch ideas from. I’m an artist and occasional poet so the blog has a good number of images of art and a poem from time to time. I blog because I enjoy writing out my ideas. I would write even if no one else read my words. This format makes it convenient to keep a journal which anyone can read. You can view even more of my art and read my poetry at ZeorlinArt.com.

The title of this blog was initially related to my lowbrow bumper sticker art.  Social commentary is often voiced though common humor and so I have made a few odd bumper stickers.  You can see the bumper stickers at StickyPhilosopher.com.  And because I write poetry I’m using the bumper sticker format in a haiku sort of way. But over time this blog has included more of my fine art and little of my lowbrow.

So this blog has a bit of high and low art passing though it.  I do not feel obligated to stay within a certain range of ideas.  The title of this blog implies I find the world a bit confounding.  When you look long and hard at the world the extreme contrasts are perplexing.  So maybe my lowbrow art and fine art flow along this thought.  We are all capable of a range of thoughts and deeds.  So this is how I approach this blog.  It offers a diverse thoughts revealed through my art, poetry, photography and more.

I urge you to follow the blog if you wish and share it with others who might like to know about it.  I generally post a few times a month. I welcome your comments and questions.  Thanks!


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