Christmas Circus

Christmas Circus

There’s quite a show happening
on our Advent Wreath.
An Advent Wreath arranged on a white oval plate
with a cushion of evergreen leaves
and twigs with red-orange berries.
An Advent Wreath sitting
in the middle of the kitchen table.

There are two black specks rappelling
down the candle sticks!
And another speck of spider stringing
tiny silky lines from the pink one
to the three purple ones.
Three trapeze artists rehearsing,
with the greatest of ease,
for the annual Christmas circus.

Gregory Zeorlin 12/5/2016 @3:28pm

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So another Christmas video

The frenzied Christmas and Holiday Season seems to point back to fall of the Roman Empire.  Just look at the over the top love for pets that may soon exceed the love of little kids. Our decorated trees will have presents for the dogs…little treats they can nibble. Then we’ll dress the pet up have our picture with it and gradually we’ll expect everyone to acknowledge our pets as if they are human being. Crazy. Crazy like a billion dollars being spent on all things for those pets. Well, my pet is more of an imaginary untamed half man half beast you keep on a leash. I named this imaginary friend “Red Face.” Even included the primordial being in a video to celebrate the Christmas Season…and perhaps to confirm the Fall of the Roman Empire…?

Meet Red Face…..and click on his face to watch his video. Ho, ho, ho! Etc., etc., etc…………
Be well. Be happy. Be blessed, too.

StickyPhilosopher Holiday Greets

Surreal Christmas Greets video

Ok..I often write quiet, reflective contemplative poetry. I create quiet paintings too. I go into the gray to dark spots in the mind and find warmth inside there. But there’s something about the Christmas and Holiday Season that brings a special absurd and surreal sensibility out of those back rooms in my gray matter.

Here’s a video about 3 characters taking 2 minutes to make 1 Christmas/Holiday Video you will want to zero out.
Consider this my Best Wishes for Christmas and Happy Holidays to the real and imaginary readers of this blog. And share this blog and video with all the “Bah hum buggers!” out there to show your support. (There’s more “peculiar + insightful” moments at and on the StickyPhilosopher Facebook).


StickyPhilosopher Holiday Greets