Out There

Out There

There’s frost sparkling on the lawn chair.
I do not dare go out there,
in my boxer shorts.

Picture me, or you, turning blue.
Puffs of steam float out our mouths.
Most birds up North have gone South
or just now pass overhead wondering…

“What are those humans doing down there?”
Well, we’re sipping coffee
in our underwear.

But of course not!
There’s frost sparkling on the lawn chair.
But in the spring, I’ll be there, half-bare,
coffee steam rising to boost you home.

Gregory Zeorlin 12/1/2016 @ 7:45am

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Here or There

I don’t sweat poems out sitting at a writing desk. My poems show up, mostly completed before being scribbled on scrap paper. The poems have shown up ready to go for several decades. Here’s the newest one.  If you enjoy this poem please share it on your blog or other social media sites. Be well.

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Here Or There

We live here
while looking over there.
And if over there
we wonder what it’s like,
over here.

And while here
we look at lists
from somewhere else
stating the “Best Places to Live”
if you love…the outdoors or
love riding bikes or drinking coffee or
writing poetry no one will memorize.

But who would read the “Best List”
from someone else somewhere else
if it said, “Love living where you are”
and even asked us to
“Send us your list of why you live over there”
(instead of here or somewhere else).

Then your list would go to someone somewhere
who would wonder why
they are not over here,
with you.

Maybe we make “Best Lists”
and keep them to ourselves.
Then we’ll know why we are here
without perplexing those
who think they should be
somewhere else with someone who
doesn’t know you.

Gregory Zeorlin 2/8/2015 @ 10:58pm

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