Heaven Wrapper

Click on birds to watch video

Click on birds to watch video


While sitting in a parked car I watched two birds dodge traffic in pursuit of a fast food wrapper. I grabbed my camera to record their behavior. While reviewing the video the account of God taking care of all the birds on earth came to mind. Then I imagined a conversation happening between the two birds as they pecked at a junk food wrapper. One of the birds asked, “What kind of God drops junk food wrappers from heaven?”

I turned their observations into an unpolished 45 second video titled “Heaven Wrapper.” I urge you to watch it and reblog this post so others can watch it. When you do it lets those two birds fly around the digital universe. Who know where they might fly?

Use this link to watch video on You Tube: http://youtu.be/78AcuiNgbjw





Surreal Christmas Greets video

Ok..I often write quiet, reflective contemplative poetry. I create quiet paintings too. I go into the gray to dark spots in the mind and find warmth inside there. But there’s something about the Christmas and Holiday Season that brings a special absurd and surreal sensibility out of those back rooms in my gray matter.

Here’s a video about 3 characters taking 2 minutes to make 1 Christmas/Holiday Video you will want to zero out.
Consider this my Best Wishes for Christmas and Happy Holidays to the real and imaginary readers of this blog. And share this blog and video with all the “Bah hum buggers!” out there to show your support. (There’s more “peculiar + insightful” moments at StickyPhilosopher.com and on the StickyPhilosopher Facebook).


StickyPhilosopher Holiday Greets

Fewer Words More Views

My last post titled “Transition” takes longer to read than the 30 second video it introduced.  This time with fewer words, I invite you to watch a video on my thoughts about a wood and mixed media sculpture titled “Transition.”

Use this link: https://vimeo.com/87380657