Reading a Poem

Blue Spot

Blue Spot


Reading a Poem

There’s never a delay
in reading a poem.
The words don’t spoil.
The spaces between the words
don’t split open or compress.
And the periods
still make you stop.

Gregory Zeorlin 12/10/2016 @ 8:14am
This was my email reply to a friend who said
he was sorry for the “delay” in reading a poem
I had recently sent him.



Knowing, Watching, Waiting

Grace Cathedral Labyrinth, San Francisco, CA.

Knowing, Waiting, Watching

Oh you know I want to believe
in something more
than me or you.
I want to believe in something,
more than us.

But this thing called religion.
Well I’m not sure I trust
all it’s made up to be.

I’ve said it once
and I’ll say it once more…
Not sure God entered through
any church door.

But don’t slam that door on me.
I’ve been wrong so many times before.
Or maybe the door is open wide,
so vast it’s unseen.
As if we’ve walked in and out,
and out and in not even knowing it.
And God’s unknown too…

Or maybe the door only exits
as an opening to the outside world,
where God’s knowing, watching and waiting.

Gregory Zeorlin 10/14/2016 @ 10:43am.
Inside Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA


Zeorlin: Texas Regional Artists Exhibition

I’m happy to let everyone out there on the other side of this computer screen know about an upcoming exhibition which includes 13 pieces of my mixed media art….


The Texas Regional Artists Exhibition opens on July 9th at the Longview Museum of Fine Arts, Longview, TX. The July 9th opening night festivities go from 7 to 9 pm. The show runs through September 24, 2016. There are 4 artists participating in this museum exhibition.

I will show 12 pieces from my “Veil Series” and one mixed media sculpture. When you come to the museum make sure your cellphone has a QR code scanning application ready to go. The sculpture includes QR codes (Quick Read) that link the viewer to collections of poetry, simple blues-folk songs, lowbrow bumper stickers, odd videos and my “imaginary friends” like Average Male and Red Face.

Gregory Zeorlin Veil 75. 2014 Mixed media painting

Gregory Zeorlin
Veil 75. 2014
Mixed media painting

Pole Dancing + Interior Design + Visual Art

Today’s blog title seems odd… It’s the result of an Instagram update about printing my fine art on objects of everyday use. I transferred an image of “Veil 519” (a piece from my “Veil Series” mixed media/digital media paintings and prints) to a throw pillow. I shared images of this design on Instagram. Next, a pole dancing instructor and an interior designer both liked the pillow designs.  This is why “Pole Dancing + Interior Design + Fine Art” became today’s blog post title. The Instagram responses confirm the unexpected ways fine art reaches out to inspire a diverse group of wonderful people all doing their own thing.  I love it.

Throw pillows from the Veil Series design project.

Throw pillows from the Veil Series design project.

I’m an artist trying to let others know what I do. There’s the risk my efforts will feel like an “infomercial” to some. But I need to use social media to introduce a wider community to my art and designs. So hello to those who discover my studio practice! I welcome your comments and questions. Please forward this blog post to your friends.

I’m using my fine art in ways that let more people see what I do. Art galleries and museums are valid places to view art. But it takes time to go to these traditional art spaces. I’ve exhibited for years and know such places also isolate art from the everyday lives of many people. My fine art brings beauty into our daily lives by letting people see art on things we use often. Please view my “Veil Series design project” at to see how familiar things (phone cases, scarves, skirts, etc.) change when associated with my fine art.

Art, Beauty and Function

If you follow this blog you know I’m a mixed media artist and prone to experimenting in the studio.  And you know I have a playful sense of curiosity.  All of this keeps me excited about working in a solo studio setting. If you’re unfamiliar with my studio practice please visit

I’m glad to introduce my “Veil Series Design Project.” I’m using my visual art to transform familiar products and apparel into things of beauty. I’m doing this to let others enjoy my art in their daily lives. I would not consider doing this design project if it belittled my visual art.  I love working as an artist and hope you sense when reading my blog posts and viewing what I share on Tumblr or Instagram.  So, hello to all who discover my blog and art!  Your comments and questions are welcome.

I’m showing you a few of my scarves and toss pillows from the “Veil Series Design Project.” All of the art from the “Veil Series” are visual meditations about how our bodies, minds and souls move about during our time on earth and beyond. (Yes…this is an esoteric comment about my artwork. But that’s what I thought about while making each piece). And this visual mediation continues with the products and apparel I selected to place my art on. I invite you to view the collection on my shop page at If you are going to buy gifts for the holidays, please at least give my designs your consideration.

Please share this post if you wish. Your good words to friends helps keep my small studio practice rolling!

Veil 519 scarf design. 55" x 55"

Veil 519 scarf design. 55″ x 55″

Veil 50 scarf. 55" x 55"

Veil 50 scarf design. 55″ x 55″

Throw pillows in various sizes.

Throw pillows in various sizes from the “Veil Series Design Project” by Gregory Zeorlin.